2020 Theme -ENDURANCE

                                       2020 Theme -ENDURANCE  


  Hebrews 10:36  "For you have need of ENDURANCE, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised."


  Life is a battle, a race, a formidable challenge! Jesus gives man courage, strength, and ENDURANCE to make it through. In 2020 we're unpacking Hebrews 10:36 and we want to encourage men everywhere to study what it means to display ENDURANCE in his Christian walk, and also learn how Jesus gives him the ENDURANCE he needs. Check out the 21-day devotions, sermon series, and small group studies to learn more.    

ENDURANCE Sermons (3 titles)

ENDURANCE Small Group Studies: English 

ENDURANCE 21-day Devotion: English 




                                    2019 Theme-Strength 



Mark 12:30 -And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your STRENGTH.

How does a man display strength? Does he look to God as his source of strength? Does he use his strength to protect and defend others, and serve God in the unique ways his Creator intended? Our 2019 focus will explore the answers to questions like this. In Mark 12:30, it says to love the Lord “with all your strength.” This verse is the launch point for numerous FREE downloadable resources we have created for you to discover and develop lifelong, God-serving STRENGTH. Please join us in our quest to develop biblical manhood!

Strength 21-day Devotion (.zip file) English 

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Strength Small Group Study:

If you are a follower of Christ, and you have trusted Christ to save, you then you have been given authority over demons and every evil spirit. This small group study helps you reach for deliverance from addiction, affliction, depression, and other troubles through Christ.

COURAGE: 2018 Theme

Your relationships with your spouse, children, and grandchildren will undergo a dramatic transformation. In this series, you will learn some important relationship principles that will alter the destiny of your life and home. It will take courage to love your family, do what you need to do, and say what you need to say.

Courage 21-day Devotion (.zip file) English



A correct biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit is essential in the days we live. This series helps to develop a foundation of who the Holy Spirit is and to help you experience the Holy Spirit in a deeper way.



Family Power

The family is under attack. There are serious strains placed upon the relationships of the family. This series addresses four key components to assist families to be strengthened in the midst of the culture we live in.




Being a Dad now is vastly different compared to a few decades ago. In this five-part series, you will discover biblical ways to survive parenting in today's world.


On the TV series, Flip this House, the episodes spotlight the purchase and renovation of broken down single unit homes. God looks at our house and desires to change our house into a home. God is the architect and creator of the home. In this series, discover how God can make your house into a home.


In this series, you will discover that forgiveness is needed to heal the hurts of life. Through forgiveness is when we match the healing of Jesus with the hurts in our own life.​


How we are raised by our parents has a very strong effect on how we think and live today. Pressures abound in virtually every home today. This series provides a foundation to climb higher in God allowing you to become the kind of person that raises the kind of family God intends.


We can look back and see marvelous things that the Lord did to show us His glory. Yet, there are times we also have moments where we ask, "How could something like this happen?" This series goes through the process of dealing with difficult times.​

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